Stearns County League

06/23/2017 - Home Run Derby

The Home Run Derby will take place before the All-Star Game on June 30th, at 6:30pm in Elrosa.

Stearns County League Contestants

Cody Eichers - Elrosa
Kyle Zierden - Farming
Ryan Kraemer - Greenwald
Matt Quade - Lake Henry
Colton Meyer - Meire Grove
Will Funk - New Munich
Cole Schmitz - Richmond
Trent Gertken - Roscoe
Taylor Holthaus - St. Martin
Jamie Terres - Spring Hill


County Line League Contestants

Jordan Olson - Atwater
Brad Hopp - Atwaer
Justin Schroeder - Atwater
Mike Danielson - New London-Spicer
Scott Rambow - New London-Spicer
Nathan Meyer - Regal